Every time you run docker build, the client (where your cli is) sends a new build context (the files you use to build the image) to the Docker Daemon/Server (where the building happens). The Daemon/Server can exist locally or it can exist over a network. Taking more files to the Daemon/Server increases the load and time to archive and send. Try avoid adding files which are not needed to build your image eg dist, bin, packages, node_modules

When you build an image and the Dockerfile has an ADD . or COPY . it may include unnecessary files eg .git or privatekeys. This may lead to exposing secrets through your image.

? matches a single character. eg to ignore files with a single character difference:


* matches and number of characters. eg to ignore any file name with extension md:


** matches and number of directories eg to ignore md files in any directory


/ matches a specific directory eg to ignore a directory


! Sets an exception eg to ignore all md files, except all which start with important, except important_ideas.md

# important_ideas.md will be ignored because it comes after the exception (its an exception to the exception)

Here are some examples of common ignores:


# ignore build files

# ignore visual studio files

# ignore git files

# ignore docker files

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