IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is NOT good advice when dealing with other people or your team. When dealing with others you have to take peoples emotions, social standing and situation in to consideration, which this article does not.

This article is meant for your own personal mastery... and the truth may hit a nerve. PG 13 not for sensitve viewers.

Successful people dont do this. From the outside it may seem like they do but the reality is they put all their time, blood, sweat and tears into becoming successful. Lets say after 5 years of working super hard you may reach your goals and can be considered successful. You then take a break from that goal and pursue other ventures. Other people then look to you as an example and see this successful person relaxing and not working that hard and think thats what it took to be successful. They may think that the only explanation is you were lucky or that their circustances is different because there is something holding them back (outside factors).

You should achieve a work life integration where work and time off are very similar because what you do in work hours is the same as what you do on weekends. When I'm at work I code and on weekends I code and write about code. This is a huge factor behind my success as a developer. Contrast this to developers which never write a line of code outside working hours. I know developers which spend time working on cars on the weekend and spend all their time learning about cars. They are obessed with cars and not dev, so for them they consider this a work life balance. What if their job was working with cars... would they still need a work life balance.

Most people love watching TV in their underpants and eating doritos all day but nobody is going to pay them large sums of money to do that. Doing what you love is normally following your emotions which is seeking out comfort, etc. I am passionate about what I do but I still have to put effort into it and I still have to go outside of my comfort zone.

This should be "the lack of money is the root of all evil". Is there more crime in poor areas or rich reas? All this saying does is make poor people feel better about themseleves.

This common belief or "secret", is that if you have big dreams and you simply believe in your big dreams, they will happen (the universe will give it to you... or something like that). It is easy to dream big and believe that everything will work out, it is difficult to do what you must to achieve that big dream. You can dream about being the worlds best basketball player but if you train like an amature you will always be an amature.

Belief and dreams is the first step but it won't get you across the finish line. Belief and dreams on their own dont make you great... It has to be combined with dedication, hard work and the correct training. Simply ask yourself "How much time do I spend improving?" and "Am I spending this time efficiently? Is it the best way to improve?"

Here is a list of common things I see on LinkedIn

  1. "Surround yourself with people who value you."
  2. "People who do not value you, do not deserve you."
  3. "You are extremely valuable to any organisation that hires you. The right companies will recognise your value. The wrong ones are waste of your time, energy and talent."
  4. "Your value does not diminish because of someone's inability to see your worth."
  5. "Go where your talents are celebrated, not where your presence is tolerated."

And then there are super motivational videos like this:

Even though nobody wants to hear this... This is terrible advice: you may say your worth doesnt change if you are beaten down like in the video above. But are you a 1 dollar bill or a 100 dollar bill. No matter how much value you think you have, you can still be worthless to a company or to others. If nobody is valuing you, is it because EVERYBODY is crazy and they dont recognize your amazingly high value or is it that you actually dont have value for anybody. Chances are in favour of you not having value. So dont just believe you are valuable, rather make yourself valuable. Spend time with high value individuals even though they don't value you, and over time grow and earn their respect. If you are the highest value person in the room then you are in the wrong room. Put in effort and hardwork to become valuable...